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My name is Tim Spencer and I have been buying and selling militaria for several years now. I mainly deal in WWI and WWII medals and uniforms, but you never know what I will have listed. If there is anything you are looking form, please ask and I’ll see what I can do for you. I am always looking for any WWI or WWII medals. If you have any, let me know.

WWII Armor Ike Jacket

WWII named Armor Ike jacket.


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WWII 3rd MAW Uniform

WWII 3rd Marine Air Wing uniform.


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WWII 6th Marine Named Uniform

WWII named 6th Marine Uniform.


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WWI Railhead Regulating Uniform – Named

Great original WWI Railhead Regulating uniform with extra engineering patch.


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Marine Visor

Post WWII Marine visor.


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WWII British Helmet

WWII British helmet.


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WWI Hand Painted Helmet

WWI hand painted helmet.


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Marine Helmet Liner w/ EGA

Marine painted helmet liner.


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WWII US Marine Women’s Hat

WWII US Marine women’s visor hat.


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WWII Army Pennant Sheppard Field

WWII army pennant for Sheppard Field.


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